Thursday, May 6

[FSE] Full Site Editing! It's Coming, But Will Change How We Use WordPress?

Let’s talk about something new that’s coming to WordPress, full site editing. Think of it as a theme builder that is built into WordPress with incredible performance.

Theme builders are nothing new. But this theme builder is built directly into WordPress and is free. This opens up so many possibilities with website building.

Table Of Contents
00:00 Full Site Editing
02:56 How To Try
06:13 New Site Editor Interface
07:15 Site Part Blocks
11:05 When It’s Coming?
11:25 Will Your Theme Work?
12:55 Full Site Editing Today
13:54 Why It Matters
15:55 Final thoughts

Themes Download:

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  • Full Site Editing has been available in WordPress since the 2014 with the Headway Theme and also PageLines. These tools allowed users to design and place RESPONSIVE headers, footers sidebars , content blocks, ANYWHERE on an evolving page design. Over the past 4 years , PageBuilder vendors lead by Beaver Builder, Visual Composer/WPBakery, Divi, Elementor, Thrive, and Themify have added to the Full Site Editing Capabilities with Page and Section Templates whose contents can be edited either locally or globally [globally means all instances of say a section template will be changed when edited]. In addition all the PageBuilders have pervasive drag and drop or choose-an-option CSS styling for all of their elements/widgets. In addition some of the PageBuilders now provide two additional capabilities – their styling options are a)made easy to copy and paste during design and b)they can be made default global across a complete website taking over what has been a partial but incomplete Customizer feature. Finally some PageBuilders are now allowing control of display of widgets and sections a page.

    In sum FULL SITE EDITING has been available for 6-7 years to WordPress designers. In the same time period Gutenberg block developers have been behind PageBuilder capabilities both for page editing and now full site editing. However, with block themes and the new block templates query system which will beome a part of WordPress 5.8 or 5.9 core, Block FSE may have 3 Leap Ahead advanatges:
    1)faster site editing at creation time;
    2)faster site operational runtimes;
    3)wider selection of interchangeable block widgets, sections, and patter templates. This is because say Divi or Elementor widgets and sections are not interchangeable with their Thrive Theme.or Beaver Themer widgets and
    There are some additional FSE capabilities on tap but all of these are subject to delivery and testing in the May to September time frame. What is also to be determied is how and what the pageBuilder vedors will espond to the Gutenberg proprietary changes. Already Divi, Elementor Visual Composer have Gutenberg have tools that convert their widgets and sections into Gutenberg blocks. The question is whether Gutenberg FSE be reliable and performant enough to attract concerted aprticicpation by the traditional PageBuilder vendors.

    But the BOTTOM LINE is that 2021 wil be a major UI change event for WordPress Designers and Developers

  • Very shady of WordPress to try and get rid of page builders that made them so popular. Matt Mullenweg going as far as backstabbing Elementor on WPTavern by belittling their services and contributions to WordPress. I don’t blame guys like Elementor and Beaver Builder for coming up with their own cloud hosting in case WordPress ditches all these page builders when FSE comes into effect.

  • Guttenberg is trash… hope WordPress doesn’t backstab all the plugins echosystem that made the platform great. Their product is a disaster and the best course they could take is to compete in the free market to see who’s the best.

  • Adam, I assume full site editing is Gutenberg, right? Which of the main editors like elementor, Divi is closest to Gutenberg to better understand which uses will have a better transition to Gutenberg? A video to show people how to have less fear to transition GB would be great. Everytime I see the GB page, it sure doesn’t look like elementor, so your wisdom would be helpful to prepare is for the eventual transition.

  • Hi Adam,

    I hope you are well and that you had a good New Year.

    I have been watching your YouTube channel religiously for the last couple days trying to find a solution to my problem, and I was wondering if you can help me.

    We are using Cartflows as a sales funnel for our LearnDash site – which works perfectly for individual course purchases. We, however, want to enable the ability for one person to purchase multiples of the same course for different people in checkout.

    So, for instance, they would select the quantity in checkout and for each +1 of quantity, a new field to enter a username email address appears. Then after checkout those people are enrolled in the course as well as the original purchaser.

    To the best of your knowledge, is this possible with Cartflows or just in general?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi Adam, the picture quality in your videos is outstanding, are you still using the logitech C920 or did you upgrade and if so, do you have any links to the camera you use? Thanks for another great video, being able to edit without a separate page builder will be great, it will also be one less piece of software to worry about updating, really looking forward to the changes coming in WordPress.

  • To answer the question about themes, if the theme isn’t compatible with blocks, it won’t be compatible with FSE. The theme would have to built from scratch. It is harder to convert a theme than it is to make a new one. That was the answer I got.

  • Guess WP is trying to catch up with the Elementor success… I wonder if they’re gonna trying just by compete fairly with new functionality and features or they’re gonna play dirty by creating issues fo compatibility with the elementor community.

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