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Kadence Pro Theme Review – In-Depth Feature Walkthrough Of Kadence WordPress Theme

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In this video, I didnt cover some of the standout includes that are in the totally free variation of the Kadence Theme. Here are 2 other videos going over the functions in the complimentary version of Kadence.
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Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:26 Theme Performance
00:02:01 Integrations
00:02:53 Key Features
00:03:07 Header Items
00:08:10 Kadence Elements
00:13:53 Fixed Elements
00:17:33 Ultimate Menu
00:20:13 Header Footer Scripts
00:20:40 WooCommerce
00:23:36 What Is Missing
00:26:47 Who Is The Kadence Theme For?
00:28:20 Wrap Up

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In this video, I didnt cover some of the standout includes that are in the totally free variation of the Kadence Theme. The most essential being the worldwide connected color palette amongst other functions. Here are 2 other videos going over the functions in the totally free variation of Kadence.

In this Kadence Pro Style evaluation, Ill take a deep look at all the features of the Kadence Pro Theme and how to use these functions on your WordPress website.


  • Just from the first seconds of watching – even if it has nothing to do with the content: the colours in this video are much better than in the older vids! That light but strange yellowish tint to the skin tone is gone. Much more natural now!

  • Adam, I starting building with the astra theme and have integrated all the downloads you recommended (elementor, woocommerce, cartflow etc). As a novice I continue to watch your videos and it seems that I am now on the horns of a dilemma. I want the easy design elements I see in kadence pro AND the social networking in BuddyBoss…I have watched your comparison video and it looks like BuddyBoss also has enhanced “easier” design elements (easy is important to me as a novice), SO, if I change from Astra to one of the others will it require substantial re-formatting? If I change to BuddyBoss for the features I am looking for will I find the site building features as easy and robust as Kadence?

    Thanks for all the great info you put out.

  • Hey Adam, great video, as always. Amazing how I’ve come to rely on you for guidance when making decisions involving WordPress. Just want to ask you now about Kadence, almost two months after you made this video, do you still feel as strongly about the team behind the theme? To me that’s the deal maker/breaker. I’ve been with GeneratePress for three years now and it’s because of Tom and the trust I have in him and his solid work. But since I am not a coder by any means and want the added functionality a theme like Kadence provides because I want to rely less on Elementor so I’m tempted to jump in. So the real question is: I am about to start on the biggest project to date for me – an ecommerce site with potentially 1000’s of products in the future. My reputation is on the line – Would you go with Kadence or stick with GP? Thanks Adam.

  • how woocommerce do not have this option?!
    -product page:
    -if user select 4GB and 3 domain price = +7$ +25$= 32$
    – fix me if I’m wrong but it is a lot easier then:

  • Hi Adam thanks for the detailed video – I had just installed Astra pro following your other tut …then I was ‘diverted’ to Kadence – I am hesitant between getting Kadence Pro or Kadence full membership? did you talk about those differences somewhere? thanks a lot

  • Hey Adam, really great review, loved it and bought the lifetime promo (thanks to u i was alerted to that ), however ‘m having a issue with elementor pro , woocommerce and Kadence. this ” the content function” error no idea how to fix it, and i can’t edit my store page with elementor because of that error . Thanks !

  • Adam, I missed the lifetime deal, however, still went in and purchased. My question to you is since I am using EP Pro, would it be better to utilize the global colors and font assignments from Elementor or rely on Kadence? I am thinking would be better from a styling perspective in trying to do a style guide, however, I would like your input on that subject if you would please.

  • I’m ready to buy but am not sure if I need only the pro theme or if I need the more pricy membership that includes the plugins, etc. I’m not exactly sure which of the items in your demo require only the theme or require their plugins.

    I’m already familiar with and have an Elementor Pro subscription and am not big on Gutenberg. With that said, would it be redundant for me buying the Kadence pro theme? Thanks for any input.

  • I invested in a lifetime license of OceanWp before even trying it a couple years ago. Big mistake. It’s a confusing mess, many of it’s features don’t even work properly(like the simple act of adding a logo), they don’t add new templates, and all of the sites I create with it are very slow despite caching enabled and proper approaches.

    I’m going to give this Kadence a try. Thanks for the in depth demo. OceanWP… get your shit together and fix the wonky interface and broken functionalities that your customers have been complaining about for years.

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